About Inquisitive

Gary Borislow is a market research professional highly skilled in leading initiatives that translate a deep understanding of markets and customers into meaningful guidance that drives successful business outcomes. With more than twenty years of hands-on experience directing B2B research projects spanning all stages of the buyer journey and customer lifecycle, Gary has earned a proven track record of delivering insights and advice pivotal in the development of effective business and marketing strategies.

Prior to launching Inquisitive, Gary was Research Director at Sage, a global business software provider, where the studies he spearheaded included branding, segmentation, positioning, messaging, pricing, demand generation, digital experience, customer experience and partner experience. He draws upon his extensive knowledge gained while working across a wide range of fields, including software, technology, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare and nonprofit. Gary is proficient in diverse quantitative methodologies and has significant expertise in focus groups, in-depth interviewing and observational techniques.

Gary holds an MBA in Marketing from Northeastern University and a BBA in Accounting from University of Massachusetts. Based in the Atlanta area, in his spare time, he enjoys collecting rock music and listening to the sounds his two daughters make on the piano (if they can be persuaded to practice).

Inquisitive will work with carefully selected partners when appropriate for services such as online panels, interview/focus group recruiting, and quantitative telephone interviewing. Partners are selected on a project by project basis according to their experience and ability to deliver these services to a high standard.


“A great partner and collaborator in supporting the needs of new customer acquisition. An excellent guide in ensuring our surveys were designed to accomplish our objectives.” – Cheryl H., Senior Director of Demand Generation

“Gary is not only an expert at designing studies and conducting research, but he is also an invaluable partner with insightful analyses that help business leaders make better, customer-focused decisions.” – Rob H., Senior Director of User Experience

“[Gary] approaches each project with conviction, using his vast knowledge of advanced research techniques.”  – Hal B., VP of Market Research

“[Gary] knows what he is doing, gets the job done, and is a pleasure to work with!” – Abe S., Director of Marketing

“Gary has an innate ability to break a research objective down to key important components, ask incredibly insightful questions and deliver results that produce great customer insight.” – Chris A., Product Management Director

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