An Energizing B2B Buyer Persona Recipe


The single most important part of a vendor’s website, according to B2B buyers responding to a recent survey by DemandGen Reports, is content that speaks directly to who the buyer is and what he or she needs (69% said this is very important). A vast majority of buyers (84%) said they favor vendors that address […]

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20 Ways to Strengthen Your B2B Product Strategy With Customer Insights


People use products and services to satisfy needs, solve problems and achieve desired outcomes. B2B suppliers that tap into these important motivations improve their chance of success because they can build and then steer their offerings to align with them. Below are twenty practical ways you can infuse a deeper understanding of your target customer […]

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B2B Product Positioning: A Powerful Strategy in Three Steps


Research recently conducted by the Corporate Executive Board found that 86% of B2B buyers usually don’t see a difference between suppliers that is worth paying for. As a result, B2B suppliers increasingly find themselves competing on little else but price. To remedy this, B2B marketers must get better at brand and product positioning to differentiate […]

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