Our Difference


We specialize in B2B market research, with a strong technology-industry focus.

Our experience and expertise in B2B tech research offers you these advantages:

  • You won’t waste time and energy getting us up to speed on your industry, company, products, processes, technology, and competitors.
  • We’re skilled in the techniques needed to get meaningful information from smaller populations and sample sizes.
  • We know the most effective and cost-efficient ways to reach the decision makers and influencers in your target audience.
  • We genuinely understand your target audience and gain their cooperation by speaking their language, conveying value and developing a rapport.
  • We know the right questions to ask and the right way to ask the questions, and we understand the answers.
  • We design and analyze your research in the larger context of key issues and trends in your industry and field.
  • Areas we’ve researched include:
    • Accounting software
    • Construction software
    • CRM software
    • Design software
    • Electronics
    • Engineering software
    • ERP software
    • Financial technology
    • Healthcare software
    • HR software
    • Nonprofit software
    • Payment processing
    • Semiconductors
    • Time tracking software
    • And more
  • Audiences we’ve researched include:
    • Business leaders and decision-makers (small business through enterprise)
    • IT decision-makers and implementers
    • End users and influencers in Management, Marketing, HR, Finance, Sales, Operations and Procurement
    • The Channel

We obtain insights with significant depth.

You gain greater understanding and value because we:

  • Know how to ask follow-up questions to probe deeper for specifics, delve into the nuances of the topic, and reveal underlying motivations and values
  • Make changes and adjustments on-the-fly to incorporate what we learn and new questions that might arise
  • Work with you to develop relevant hypotheses that can be tested in the research
  • Know how to strategically use open-ended questions in quantitative surveys
  • Elicit the emotions that play a key role in decisions and behaviors by employing inquiry techniques such as association, projection, aspiration and story-telling

We take a consultative approach.

Your needs, objectives, and decisions are always at the forefront as we:

  • Help you clarify and prioritize your needs and desired outcomes, and how you will use the results to satisfy and achieve them
  • Engage your internal stakeholders to tap into their knowledge and secure their buy-in
  • Devise the optimal research methodology for accomplishing your goals, while recognizing any constraints that exist
  • Proficiently manage the qualitative and/or quantitative work necessary to accurately collect the data, keeping you informed on our progress with regular updates
  • Connect the dots between the research insights and your key decisions by discerning what the data means and what you should do
  • Apply our strong background in business, technology, strategy and marketing to provide you with advice that makes a real impact

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