Customer Experience


Insights You Gain by Working With Inquisitive

  • How your customers perceive the quality of their overall experience with your company in terms of satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy
  • How your customers perceive the quality of their experiences during key journeys, touch points and interactions
  • The specific aspects of your customer experience that have the greatest effect on customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy
  • How well your company and offerings help your customers achieve their desired outcomes
  • Differences between your customer segments or personas
  • The levels and drivers of customer interest in other offerings from your company (cross-sell)

Outcomes for You

  • Build a happier, more loyal customer base by providing an experience that your customers value
  • Place more focus on the most pivotal elements of your customer experience
  • Preserve and build upon your key strengths by more accurately identifying your success factors and best practices
  • Prioritize and address your significant weaknesses by better pinpointing and correcting the root causes
  • Gain an earlier warning of your emerging problems and at-risk customers
  • More successfully resolve your specific customer experience issues through closed-loop activities
  • More effectively address your systemic customer experience issues such as product or service problems, ineffective processes and bad policies
  • Place greater focus on your best cross-sell opportunities
  • Enhance your journey maps and customer personas
  • Improve the relevance of your customer experience by better addressing the distinct needs of your individual customer segments or personas
  • Better understand the effectiveness and value of your customer experience management efforts by measuring progress over time