Demand Generation & the Buyer’s Journey


Insights You Gain by Working With Inquisitive

  • The primary goals, responsibilities, tasks, problems, risks and needs of your target buyers
  • The circumstances and needs that trigger the buying process
  • The key information needs, trusted information sources and preferred content types of your target buyers at each journey stage
  • The criteria and attributes most important to your target buyers when researching, evaluating and choosing
  • Your target buyers’ desired outcomes and definitions of success
  • The barriers, objections and unanswered questions that prevent your target buyer from proceeding
  • Differences between your target-buyer segments or personas
  • The dynamics of relationships between stakeholders at your target-buyer accounts

Outcomes for You

  • Be an expert on your target buyers
  • Earn greater trust and credibility by demonstrating your understanding of your target buyer’s needs
  • More effectively inspire your target buyer to initiate a relationship with your company
  • More successfully motivate your target buyer to take action by ensuring the right information is in the right place at the moment it will have the most impact
  • Improve the depth and relevance of your content by better addressing the distinct needs of your individual target-buyer segments or personas
  • Better inform and influence your target buyer’s decisions
  • Generate more and higher-quality leads and opportunities
  • Arm sellers with stronger information and tools to enable optimal buyer engagement and conversions
  • Better understand the effectiveness and value of your buyer-journey improvement efforts by measuring progress over time