Product Management


Insights You Gain by Working With Inquisitive

  • The key motivations, goals, problems, needs and behaviors of your target customer
  • Your target customer’s level of interest in your ideas, concepts, prototypes and finished products
  • The product features, attributes, benefits and outcomes most important to your target customer
  • Your target customer’s perceptions of how well your product and your competitors’ products perform in the areas that are most important
  • The position that currently distinguishes, or will distinguish, your product from competitors in the mind of your target customer
  • Your target customer’s price sensitivity and perceptions of acceptable pricing levels
  • Differences between your target-customer segments or personas
  • How your target customer’s needs and perceptions change over time

Outcomes for You

  • More clearly define your target customer
  • Better understand and address your target customer’s goals, problems and needs
  • Create more unique and meaningful positioning strategies and value propositions
  • Enhance your buyer and user personas
  • Capitalize on your new product opportunities likely to have the greatest impact
  • Better define and prioritize your product requirements and specifications
  • Increase the evidence to support your business cases, road maps and marketing plans
  • More effectively oppose competitive forces
  • Improve the relevance of your product strategies by better addressing the distinct needs of your individual target-customer segments or personas
  • Improve your ability to monitor and optimize product success throughout the product lifecycle