Positioning & Messaging


Insights You Gain by Working With Inquisitive

  • The major goals, priorities, motivations, problems and needs of your audience
  • The attributes, features, benefits and outcomes most important to your audience
  • Your audience’s perceptions of how well you and your competitors perform in the areas most important to your audience
  • The position that currently distinguishes, or will distinguish, your brand or product from competitors in the mind of your audience
  • The specific results and value your audience realizes from your company and offerings
  • The language and terms your audience uses
  • Test how your audience will react to your positioning, value proposition, copy or creative execution
  • Differences between your audience segments or personas
  • How your audience’s needs and perceptions change over time

Outcomes for You

  • More effectively demonstrate to your audience that you understand them
  • Talk more like your audience does
  • Increase the likelihood your audience will respond, engage and buy
  • Create and convey more unique and meaningful positioning strategies and value propositions
  • Improve your message relevance by better addressing the distinct needs of your individual audience segments or personas
  • Strengthen the believability of your messaging and claims by developing more powerful proof points
  • Gain greater knowledge of the impact of your content and campaigns and how to improve them