Insights You Gain by Working With Inquisitive

  • The names of your key competitors
  • Why your new customers choose you
  • Why your lost prospects choose your competitors or no purchase at all
  • What motivates your target buyer to start the purchase process
  • Your target buyer’s preferred ways to discover, research and evaluate alternatives
  • The key decision criteria and desired outcomes of your target buyer
  • The major barriers or objections that prevent your target buyer from proceeding
  • Where and how your target buyer prefers to complete the purchase
  • The titles/roles of target buyers involved in the purchase process and their level of participation and influence
  • The marketing and sales strategies and tactics of your competitors
  • Differences between your target-buyer segments or personas

Outcomes for You

  • Improve your future win rates by providing the offerings and buying experience that your target buyer values
  • Preserve and build upon your key strengths by more accurately identifying your success factors and best practices
  • Prioritize and address your significant weaknesses by better pinpointing and correcting the root causes
  • More powerfully oppose competitive forces
  • More effectively engage and influence your target buyer at each stage in the buyer’s journey
  • More successfully handle your target buyer’s key objections, fears and biases
  • Improve the relevance of your buying experience by better addressing the distinct needs of your individual target-buyer segments or personas
  • Enhance your lead generation, marketing, positioning, messaging and buyer personas
  • Improve your sales behaviors, processes and effectiveness
  • Strengthen your product strategy
  • Better understand the effectiveness and value of your buyer experience improvement efforts by measuring progress over time